Okinawa Interpreter Guide Association
Infomation on membership/training

If you wish to become a member of OIGA

Any tour guide-interpreter or prefecture-based tour guide-interpreter residing in Okinawa can join OIGA.
Please notify the OIGA office of the type and language of your guiding license, your name, and your contact information by e-mail. The office will send you back documents with regard to your admission to the association.

<Contact information>
Okinawa Interpreter Guide Association
President: Yukari Marsh

<Initiation fee / Annual membership fee>
You are required to pay the initial fee of ¥5,000 and an annual membership fee of ¥5,000; ¥10,000 in total for the initial year. You have only to pay an annual membership fee of ¥5,000 from the second year onwards.
Payee: Okinawa Kaiho Bank Yambaru Branch
       Ordinary account 0-030-940
       Account holder’s name Okinawa Interpreter Guide Association

<Tour guide-interpreter training>
Even after passing the exam to become a tour guide-interpreter and a prefecture-based tour guide-interpreter, you should acquire such necessary skills as specialized knowledge and terminology concerning tours for foreign visitors to Japan and the management of itineraries before you actually start working as a guide. OIGA not only provides information on major tourist attractions in Okinawa but also helps improve members’ guiding skills from the perspective of Okinawa as one part of Japan.

New guide training: Held every early February for individuals who have just passed the exam to become a tour guide-interpreter and a prefecture-based tour guide-interpreter.
             Individuals who passed the exam in the past can join this training if they wish.
             Training period: 2 days
             Day 1 = Fundamentals seminar (lecture)
             Day 2 = Field training where participants actually experience guiding at sightseeing spots.

OJT Training: Held regularly to improve OIGA members’ guiding skills.

Training sessions in the past
             2007 Training at Shurijo Castle
                 Field training at Kokusai-dori Street and Tsuboya
            2008 Training at Southern war memorial sites
                Training in the northern and central areas
            2009 Training in Yaeyama (Ishigaki, Taketomi, Iriomote)
             2010 Yambaru Eco-tourism Training
                 Training in the northern and central areas