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About a Tour Guide-interpreter and a Prefecture-based Tour

About a tour guide-interpreter and a prefecture-based tour guide-interpreter

Under the Guide-Interpreter Business Law, gindividuals who escort foreigners and give them guiding services concerning travel with the use of a foreign language for a consideration have to pass the examination given by the JTA(Japan Tourism Agency) Commissioner and acquire a license issued by a prefectural government.h The tour guide-interpreter is a profession specialized in guiding visitors to Japan so that they can travel safely and in correctly introducing and projecting the nation of Japan and its heart.

The prefecture-based tour guide-interpreter, specified in gThe Act on Promotion of Inbound Tourism through Enhancing Travel Convenience of Foreign Touristsh (1997 Act No.91), can practice guiding for a service fee in the prefecture where the guide is licensed. You need to pass the examination given by a prefecture, apply for the license, and be licensed by Governor.