Okinawa Interpreter Guide Association


Since its foundation, OIGA has been dedicated effort to raising and maintaining the professional standards by sharing the up-to-date information related to Okinawa issues via mailing list, as well as holding practical trainings and seminars regularly. Followings are what we do to raise our standards as interpreter guides in Okinawa.

A regular general meeting / a year
Practical trainings and seminars / 3 to 4 times a year
Socializing event / a year
Mailing list service to share up-to-date guiding-related issues。

The seminar for new members. Lectures and hands-on training are provided.

The seminar held at University of the Ryukyus to get a deeper understanding about Okinawa history and geography from a professor.

OIGA produced a free-tour-guide-service event at Shurijo Castle, one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Okinawa.

The workshop at Haebaru Kasuri textile studio. Not only its rich history, we also learned about the whole process of producing Haebaru Kasuri, one of the traditional textiles originated in the southern area of Okinawa.